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08มี.ค. 2018

SEGA‐07 The 7th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Architecture SMART CITY AND URBAN RESILIENCY Bangkok, May 21‐22, 2018

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The International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Architecture 07 (SEGA‐07): Smart City and Urban Resiliency follow the six successful previous meetings (SEGA‐01/ INTA‐ SEGA‐02/ SEGA‐03/ SEGA‐04/ SEGA‐05/ SEGA‐06); all held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Today countries are experiencing not only economic boom but also fast transformation in urban infrastructure and development. Unfortunately these remarkable progress of developments are threatened by the potential risks from natural and man‐made disasters, degradation of living environment and intensifying social and economic conflict in the area. The fact that most population now live in cities, the urban resiliency and sustainability becoming major concerns. Cities represent agglomerations of population and economic activity, therefore their existence and size is a clear indication of their economic vitality. A city may over exploite its critical resources within its own boundaries or its hinterlands, lose its comparative advantage to other city, or suffer severe economic and social problems. It may also be prone to external impacts such as natural and man‐made disasters. Thus, in addition to long‐term concerns about limited resource base and community infrastructure, cities must be resilient, or be able to rebound from shortrun or discruptive disasters to be sustainable.
The SEGA‐07 will provide an excellent International forum for innovative and knowledge platforms to discuss the present and future challenges in urban resiliency and sustainability, and present some policies and innovative programs. The creative solutions can be found from the urban scale projects to the smart buildings design and eco innovations. The conference will feature a wide range of themes, focusing on smart technologies, sustainable energy and green architecture, case studies on eco‐buildings, smart use of materials and resources, renewable energy sources or energy efficient non‐renewable sources, natural resources conservation and preservation for eco‐buildings and industries, environmental policy, engineering and technological management, innovative and ideas driven for sustainability strategy formulation both in normative and logical perspectives, new techniques improving indoor thermal comfort and air quality and so on.
The SEGA‐07 will be held at Bangkok, Thailand, on May 21‐22, 2018. Please take the time to check on important dates, and keep yourself up to date on recent change